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Allocating Shares

We provide several ways to distribute shares among accounts when you create an order. You can select an Account Group, which comprises a pre-defined subset of accounts and an associated allocation method. The Account Group allocates shares based on a ratio calculated by the system, or by a percentage. The numbers used to calculate the ratio derive from the method you chose when you created the group, or by the percent change you set.

A second way to allocate shares is through an Allocation Profile, which distributes shares to each account in a profile based on a percentage, ratio or absolute number that you define. Both of these methods require that you create a group, assign accounts to the group, and define the group's allocation method.

You can also direct an order to a single account by selecting that account number or alias from the Allocation field on the order management line, or to all accounts by selecting All from the Allocation field. Set a default allocation from the Advisor Setup screen.

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