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Classic TWS Account Menu

Menu Command Description

Account Window

Displays your balances, margin, P&L, equity, market value and more.

Portfolio Window

Creates a Portfolio trading page that includes all current positions.

Trade Log

Displays trade reports and a trade summary of up to seven days’ activity.

Statement Viewer

Displays your account activity statement within Account Management.

Audit Trail

View a log of your daily trade activity for the current week in HTML. Choose from condensed or expanded version. Each week’s audit trail overwrites those from the previous week.

Completed Orders

Shows all completed orders in a new tab.

Account Management Home

Puts you directly into Account Management.

Stock Yield Enhancement Opens the page to join the Stock Yield program, which automatically lends out stock that you own to borrowers who want to short the stock.

Market Data Subscription Manager

Puts you into the Market Data Subscription section of Account Management.

Mistrade Request Form

Enter a Trade Cancellation Request from the Customer Service tools section of Account Management.

Clearing Instruction Modification Form

Add or modify settlement instructions from within Account Management.

Tax Optimizer Puts you into the "Launch" page for the Tax Optimizer in Account Management.

Important Disclosures