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Classic TWS Right-Click Menu from a Blank Line

To see a right-click menu, select a line and then click the right mouse button. Select an item from a right-click menu using your mouse. The Right-click menu on in a blank line contains the following menu commands.

Menu Command Description


Opens the Order Ticket window which you use to create and transmit orders.


Opens the Request Ticker box where you enter instrument information. This creates a new market data line.

Generic Combo

Opens the Combo Composition box to the Underlying field. Begin defining legs for a spread order.

Virtual Security Opens the equation builder to create a Virtual Security.

Merger Arbitrage

Create a combination order for an anticipated merger.


Enter contract information to request a quote.

Treasury Bond Selector

Opens the Contract Selections box, showing available T-Bonds, Bills and Notes.

Filtered News

Opens the News Topic Chooser, which lets you filter news by source, type and category.

Portfolio or Watchlist News Show news for all companies in your portfolio and/or all tickers in your Quote Monitors and Watchlists and/or a custom list of tickers with news on competitors of custom tickers.
Broad Tape Shows all subscribed news.
Market Signals

Our data servers continuously scan the markets for irregular price and volume actions and transmit these notifications directly to your trading interface in the form of Market Signal alerts. Available market signals include price spikes, irregular volume spikes, new 52 week highs/lows, put/call ratio spikes, trading halts and more.

Social Sentiment Subscription-based news.
News Topics Opens the News Topics chooser.

Mutual Fund Selector

Opens the Contract Selections box, showing available fund families.

Mutual Fund Replicator The Mutual Fund Replicator finds an ETF(s) whose performance parallels that of a user-specified mutual fund.

Insert Row

Inserts a blank line above the selected line.

Delete Row

Deletes the selected row or rows. This command deletes both blank lines and market data lines without a warning.

Create Group Header

Insert a row with a label that can be used to help organize tickers within a page.

Create Cash Balance Row

Select a currency to create a row that shows the total cash balance for that currency.

Contract Display Mode

Choose from the default “Underlying” mode and Symbol mode, which shows the exchange symbol.

Import/Export Allows you to import or export contracts, or export the contents of the quote monitor to Excel or to another quote monitor.

Important Disclosures