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Save a Chart Layout as a Template

You can reuse the layout of a favorite chart by saving the chart as a template and then reapplying the template to other contracts.

To create a chart template

  1.  Create a real-time chart or group of charts with all parameters defined.
  2. On the chart's File menu, select Save Chart Template.
  3. Give the template a descriptive name by replacing "untitled" in the Template File field with a chart name.

Note: In cases where you are saving a template with more than one chart, click the Advanced button to specify which chart is Replaceable when you open the template. You must have at least one chart labeled “Replaceable.”

  1. Click OK to save the template.

To use a template to create a new chart

  1. On the chart's File menu, select Open Chart Template.
  2. Select the chart template you want to open from the Template File list, or use the Browse button to find the template you want to use.
  3. Enter new contracts by entering the underlying symbol in the Underlying field
  4. Click OK to see the new chart based on your saved template.

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