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Edit a Quote Monitor

Modify the page name and other settings, add or remove market data and order fields, and insert a market data line or a blank line in your Quote Monitor using the right-click menu or the Request Ticker dialog box.

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To edit a page name and other settings

  1. Right-click the page tab and select Rename Page.
  2. Modify the page name or assigned layout and click OK.

Note: The Pending page is a system page that displays all of your working orders. You cannot delete or rename the Pending page, but you can edit order parameters.

To copy tickers to a new page

  1. On a populated Quote Monitor, click the first ticker row you want to copy.
  2. Press and hold the shift key and click the last row you want to copy. This will select all rows including the first and last highlighted ticker rows.
  3. Use the right-click menu to select Copy.
  4. In the tabset of pages, click the “+” tab to create a new page.
  5. Enter a page name and click OK.
  6. Right-click in the top blank row of the new page and select Paste.

To edit a page layout

  1. Right-click the page tab and select Layout.
  2. Modify the desired characteristics and click OK.

Note: Before you modify the page layout be aware that you are not simply changing the look of the active page, you are modifying an applied layout which may also be associated with other pages.

To insert a Market Data line between two existing lines

Note: When you add a line, it is inserted ABOVE the selected line.

  1. Click in a market data line. The new line will be inserted ABOVE this line.
  2. Right click and select Insert Row.

To move, drag, and drop a Market Data line up or down on a page

  1. Select the market data line you want to move by clicking in the line.
  2. Click and hold the mouse in the selected line.
  3. Drag the selected line up or down on the page.
  4. Release the mouse to drop the line in its new position.

To Delete Lines on a Quote Monitor

You can delete lines from your Quote Monitor using the right-click menu.

Note: The delete command does not distinguish between deleting blank lines and deleting market data lines, and does not give you a warning before it deletes your data. Be certain you have only selected the lines you want to delete. Selected lines appear highlighted in dark grey across the Trading screen.

To delete a row

To delete multiple rows

  1. Select the line(s) you want to delete by clicking the lines.
  2. Right click and select Delete Rows.

To select contiguous rows

To select non-contiguous rows

To clear data from a row and leave an empty line

To add a blank row (above the selected row)

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