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Price Variant Percentage of Volume Strategy

This algo allows you to participate in volume at a user-defined rate that varies over time based on the price of the security. It lets you buy more aggressively when the price is low and less aggressively as the price increases, and just the opposite for sell orders.

To recalculate the percent of volume applied with each price change:

Target Percentage - 100 x Order Side x Target Percentage Change Rate x Percent change in price

where Order Side = 1 for buy, -1 for sell.

To submit a Price Variant Percent of Volume Order

1.  Set up the order in the Mosaic Order Entry panel.

2.  From the LMT type field, select IBALGO and then select Price Variant Percentage of Volume.

3.  Complete the algo parameters and click Submit to send the order.

For more information on IBAlgos, see the IB Order Types and Algospage.

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