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IBot: The Natural Way to Trade

IBot's text-based interface helps you to complete key trading tasks without having to navigate anywhere else. IBot's text entry field accepts commands you enter in plain English, and responds by presenting you with the data or information you requested. Get quote details, create and submit orders (including complex algos!), look at account values, find website information, complete Account Management-based tasks, open a chart and much, much more, all from the convenience of IBot's intuitive interface.


To use IBot

1.  From the Mosaic menu, click IBOT.

2.  Enter a command in the text box at the bottom of the IBot interface using everyday language.

3.  Interact as needed with IBot's response, for example if you check the latest price of aapl, you may decide to buy it.

To find out more about IBot, visit the IBot Feature in Focus page.

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