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The Rebalance Portfolio Window

The application automatically opens and closes positions to rebalance your portfolio based on the new percentages you enter. You can add contracts and create orders just as you would from the main trading screen.



To rebalance your portfolio

  1. From the Trading Tools menu, select Rebalance Portfolio.
  2. The Rebalance Portfolio window shows three columns that are different from those on your trading screen:
  3. In the Rebal % field for one or multiple positions, enter the percent of the Net Liquidation Value that you want the position to have.
  4. Click the Create Orders button to instruct the application to automatically create the orders to achieve the percent change.
  5. Use the Transmit All button to send all orders, or click "T" on an order line to transmit a single order.

For options, the rebalance % is based on the value of the underlying stock prices.

To open positions from the Rebalance window

  1. Click Add Line from the buttons panel, and enter an underlying symbol into the blank row and hit Enter. Define the contract.
  2. Enter a value in the Rebal % column and click the Create Orders button.
  3. Transmit the order.