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The Trade Log


The Trade Log displays reports for daily executions including those completed during after-hours trading.



To see trades

Trades Tab



The Trades window has two tabs: Trades and Summary. Advisors and other multi-client account holders have the option to see trade activity for All accounts, an individual account (including the Master) or any user-defined Account Group. The account group “Global Fund” is selected in the image above.

To add or remove columns from the Trades tab

  1. Right-click in any column heading and select Layout.
  2. Check the columns you want to include; uncheck columns you want to hide.

Column Name



The action, either Bought (Bot) or Sold (SLD)


The number of units in the trade.


The underlying symbol.


If checked, identifies the trade as a combo trade. Use the “+” sign to expand the combo and view individual legs.


The contract description.


The current market price per unit.


The currency in which the position is held.


The exchange that executed the order.


The execution date.


The execution time.

Order ID

The order ID.

Order Ref

The order reference number as defined by the user on the Order Ticket. For basket orders, this field contains the name of the basket to which the order belongs.


Commission charged on the trade.


For VWAP orders, the time at which the order executed.


Displays comments relative to the order.


Identifies the beneficial account number.


Valid only for Linkage customers.


Identifies the order submitter.


The yield-to-worst. This is the lower of yield to maturity and yields to all calls. The yield is only shown if it is offered on the exchange.

The text along the bottom of the window describes the sort order of fields on the Trades tab.

Email Trade Reports

You can select a group of trades and email them from your default email client. Customize the mail settings to include specific fields and use different delimiters (these separate the data in the list and may need to be changed based on how the recipient intends to use the list).



To email trades

  1. From the Trades tab, select the trades you would like to email.
  2. Right-click the trades or group of trades and select Email trades.
  3. In the configuration box, choose the column layout and other settings for the email.
  4. Enter the email address(es) of the recipient(s) and send your trade reports.

Export Trade Reports

You can export today's and previous days' execution reports to a file which you can then view using MS Excel or another outside application.

To export trade reports

From within Classic TWS:

  1. Click the Trade Log icon on the Trading toolbar to open the Trades window.
  2. On the File menu, select Export Today's (or Previous Day's) Reports.
  3. If applicable, select the day's report and click OK.

  4. In the Symbol dropdown choose Underlying, Local Symbol or both.
  5. If desired, changed the field delimiter (which separates each entry) from a comma to something else. Most users will not need to touch this field.
  6. In the Filename field, enter the location and filename you want to assign to the report. Note that the report will be saved as a text (.txt) file.

  7. Click OK to save the report to an outside directory.

You can open your exported report in a spreadsheet by performing a few simple steps.

To open your trade report in Excel

  1. Open MS Excel and click File > Open.
  2. In the Files of type dropdown, select All Files (*.*).
  3. Find the location of the .txt executions file you want to open.
  4. In the Text Import Wizard, use Delimited as the file type and click Next.
  5. Select Semicolon as the delimiter and click Next.
  6. Leave the column data format as General and click Finish.


Important Disclosures