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Market Depth Trader

The aggregated Market Depth window displays the alternative bids and offers away from the inside quote to allow you to better gauge market liquidity. Create an order by clicking a price level in the Bid or Ask column. Transmit orders from the Orders panel.

Add or remove Level II data using the Deep Book Buttons. The Others buttons displays Level I data from exchanges that don’t offer deep data, for which you don’t have market data permissions, or for those to which you subscribe but haven’t selected.

Modify and create custom buttons in the Buttons panel in Global Configuration.

To create an order

1.  Create an order by clicking the Price in the Bid column (for a sell) or the Ask Column (for a buy).

2.  Use the Orders tab to modify and transmit the order.


Use the Market Depth Trader for bond trading to view the minimum trade size for net bond prices and calculate net bond prices based on your desired size.

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