Intra-Desk Routing

The OMS Blotter supports routing between multiple desks within the same firm, where a “desk” includes a set of blotter users that serve the same primary function, for example a Sales desk, or a Trading desk. A desk can be further subdivided into user groups based on specialization, and within each group are individual users.

For example, a typical sell-side agency may comprise a Sales desk and a Trading desk. The Sales desk would receive orders from clients via FIX messaging or over the phone and route these order to the Trading desk for execution.

To route orders between desks

This procedure assumes the Sales Desk receives an order from the client and accepts the ticket.



  1. Create an order from the ticket, using the right-click menu or by clicking the Action on the ticket line.


  2. From the child order, open the Destination dropdown list, and expand the Desks entry to select the Desk, Group and user to whom you want to route the order.


  3. The order is received by the Trade desk recipient and must be accepted.


  4. Once the recipient accepts the order, it appears as a ticket on their blotter, and the key in the sender’s Key field reflects both the original child order and the newly accepted ticket from the recipient.

At this point, management of the order belongs to the recipient desk, but the originating desk will receive the execution in their Trades panel, with both the originating and destination desk’s keys.