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Order Sharing Modes

Depending on the sharing properties defined for your trading group, you may have permission to view and manage orders received by other traders as well as manage your own orders. You may be enabled for one of three possible modes:



To display the Submitter field

  1. In the Orders panel, right-click in the column headings and select Customize Layout.

  2. Click the Order Columns tab, and in the Available Columns list expand the Status category.

  3. Select Submitter and use the “Add +” button to move the field to the Shown Columns list.

Note:    Use the Up and Down arrows to position the location of the field relative to the other order fields.



To log into another user’s Blotter

  1. Right-click the My Blotter tab.

  2. Select Open Blotter for Another User, and enter the user’s IB username.

Click OK. The other user’s interface opens under a new tab in your Blotter window.

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