Options Wizard

Options Wizard, The Easy Way to Create Complex Strategies

Options Wizard

The Easy Way to Create Complex Strategies

Whether you're new to options or just want a simple method to explore strategies, the Options Wizard can help. Answer a few questions to define your forecast, and the wizard will find some common strategies that align with your projections.

Option Wizard interface on a smartphone showing bullish on AAPL

Forecasts Transformed into Strategies

Do you think the price of the stock will be moving up or going down? Or maybe you believe that volatility will affect the the price over the next few months. Whatever your opinion, answer some simple questions to input your forecast. This is the starting point to create Options Strategies based on your beliefs.

Browse and Filter

After clarifying your vision, the Options Wizard offers a list of potential strategies designed to benefit from the price/volatility forecast you defined. You can filter on the presented strategies using the dropdown at the top of the list. Filter by "Highest Probability of Profit," high or low priced strategies, debit or credit payments and more.

Option Wizard interface on listing potential strategies
Option Wizard frequently asked questions

Learn with the Options Wizard

In addition to making options strategies easy, the Options Wizard is a great way to learn about multi-leg combos. Tap any of the suggested strategies for details like the Performance Profile and Probability of Profit. We even show you the minimum investment for each strategy. Or, use the "Learn" section below the strategy list to understand more about the popular strategies we've found for you.

One Tap to Create

After deciding on the strategy that best fits your predictions, tap Create Order on the strategy page. Modify order parameters like Quantity and Limit Price. When ready, simply slide to submit the order! You can find the Options Wizard in IBKR Mobile, Client Portal, GlobalTrader, and IMPACT.