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Create a Basket File in TWS

TWS will automatically create a basket file from a group of non-transmitted orders on a trading page. When you want to trade or manage baskets, open the basket file from the BasketTrader. You can also create a basket file manually and upload it into BasketTrader.

Note: TWS creates a basket file from orders on a single trading page. You can easily combine orders from multiple files into one using MS Excel.

To automatically create a basket file

From within the Classic TWS interface:

  1. Create orders to include in the basket file.
  2. Modify order parameters and define order attributes.
  3. On the Trade menu, select Save Orders as Basket.

Note:  If Save Orders as Basket is not visible, click the Hidden Features arrow at the bottom of the menu to display the command.

  1. In the dialog box, review or rename the file and use a .csv extension (i.e. stocks.csv) and click OK.

The system uses the Trading page name as the default basket name.

  1. Cancel the orders you created. Use the Trade menu and select Cancel then Cancel All Orders on Page.

The BasketTrader supports Bracket orders, but baskets that include brackets will have the Reverse and Cancel and Reverse features disabled. Remember to create the bracket order(s) on the Quote Monitor and then save the brackets as a basket file. You cannot create bracket orders within the BasketTrader itself.

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