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To use the ScaleTrader algo to manage blotter orders, right-click a blotter ticket and select Trading Tools and then select ScaleTrader.

The ScaleTrader can help prevent increasingly deteriorating prices on large sized orders. Use to create a simple scale order, a pair trade, or a multi-leg combo.

About ScaleTrader

Basic Scale Orders

Example 1: Basic Scale Order

Basic Scale with Profit Orders

Example 2: Scale order with Profit-Taking Orders

Scale Profit Orders with Initial Component

Example 3: Scale with Profit and Initial Component size

Scale Profit with Restore Size

Example 4: Scale order with Restore Size

Example 5: Restart ScaleTrader

Example 6: Restart ScaleTrader with Filled Initial Component Size

ScaleTrader for Pairs

Use the ScaleChart

View Scale Progress

Scale Order Examples

Combo Orders

ScaleTrader Summary

Important Disclosures