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View What-if Risk in the IB Risk NavigatorSM

You can view the risk summary for the proposed Option Portfolio solution list in the IB Risk Navigator, and add your existing portfolio to the What-if to see how acquired Greek risk dimension will affect your existing risk profile.


The above image is querying for a basket of trades to acquire 6,000 delta. We have elected to Freeze updates to the solution list and open the proposed list in the IB Risk Navigator. We click the Risk Navigator button, and within seconds the solution list opens in its own What-if Portfolio window, shown below:


To view the solution list in Risk Navigator

  1. Click the Risk Navigator button to open a What-if scenario that contains the Query Results list.

    The What-if is indicated by a red border around the portfolio, and is named “Option Portfolio.”

  2. Select any Report or Measure to see the isolated risk profile for the list.

You can also view the proposed solution list integrated with your current portfolio risk profile. Simply add your portfolio to the What-if scenario from the Option Portfolio.


To add your portfolio to the What-if scenario

  1. From the Edit menu of the IB Risk Navigator, select Add From.
  2. Your actual portfolio, named My Portfolio, is the default selection. Click OK.If you have created other portfolios, you may select another from the list.
  3. The positions in your portfolio are added to the What-if scenario from the Option Portfolio solution list.

Below you can see the What-if portfolio outlined in red, and below, your actual portfolio. The highlighted positions are common to both, but distinct at this point.


After you elect to Add your portfolio, the two sets of positions are summed in the new, integrated What-if Portfolio, shown below.


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