Timing and Size Settings

Define default values for time in force and trading hours, order quantity, size increment used in the size wand and more.

Field Name



Time in Force

The time in force determines how long the order will remain working at its destination.


Start Time/End Time Enter date only, time only, or date and time in one or both fields.  

Allow order to be activated, triggered or filled outside of regular trading hours

If unchecked, trading hours are determined by the opening/closing times of the order destination, stop orders will not trigger outside of regular trading hours.


Valid for US stocks listed on major exchanges. Please note that the Regular Trading Hours Only option may not be available for particular products that are not listed on an exchange. Interactive Brokers customers are solely responsible for ensuring that this parameter is available for the product involved.

May not be available for IOC, At-the-Open (MOO and LOO), FOK, MOC or LOC orders.


Allow order to be routed and executed during pre-open session.

Check to allow orders to participate in the pre-open session from 4:00 - 8:00 am.

Can be applied to orders set for Regular Trading Hours only.

Ignore opening auction

Check to ignore the opening auction which takes place at the open.



Choose the unit (shares, contracts) to specify a default order quantity.

Choose Amount to calculate the quantity based on the default amount. The Amount is assumed to be in the currency of the traded asset; no currency conversion is done.

Choose Available Amount to base the quantity on the available bid or ask size.


Display Size

The default amount that will be displayed for Iceberg orders.



Size Increment

The interval by which the order size increase/decrease is displayed when using the size wand, or the amount by which the quantity will increase/decrease when using the hotkeys.


BookTrader Quantity Multiples Enter a comma-delimited list of values that will be used to multiply the default order size for BookTrader orders. You must activate this feature from the Configure menu in BookTrader.

Use closing position size if possible

When checked, if you hold a position in the asset, the system will create the order equal to the quantity of your open position on the assumption that you want to close out your position. If you hold no position, the system will use the default order size.



Use cumulative size for market depth

If checked, when you create an order from any line in the aggregated Market Depth window, the order size is set to the total cumulative size x 100. Otherwise, the order size will be equal to the default order quantity.




Important Disclosures