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Wall Street Horizon Data

Subscribe to Wall Street Horizon to see ticker-specific events calendars and industry-related events for thousands of companies worldwide. The Events Calendars display dates for earnings announcements, shareholder meetings, investor conferences and other events, and provides links to Seeking Alpha transcripts whenever available.


To access the WSH Corporate Events Calendar

Note:  If you don't see this command listed in the Fundamentals section of the Analytical Tools men, use the Expand arrow at the bottom of the list to display hidden menu items.

Select a future event in either table and click Set Alert to create a message or order action alert.

Click the blue hypertext to access a transcript.

You can also view the Events Calendar for one or multiple tickers.

To view Events for specific tickers

  1. Start in the Classic TWS interface.
  2. From a Quote Monitor, select a ticker or select multiple tickers by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the market data lines.
  3. From the WSH Corporate Events Calendar menu command choose Selected company.

You can also view recent events for your portfolio, which comprises all of your current positions.

To view a Portfolio Events Calendar

  1. From the Analytical Tools menu, select Event Calendar and then My Portfolio.

Note: If you have a large portfolio, it may take several minutes for all of the data to load. You may want to consider viewing events for a subset of tickers using the procedure above.


Recent events are listed in the Events table, sorted by date.

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