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Add Market Data using Class or Symbol

Add market data by entering the contract symbol or class as defined by the exchange on which it trades.

To add an options security definition directly to the trading screen

  1. Click in an empty row in the Contract column.
  2. Enter the security definition by contract class or contract symbol, and press ENTER. Use the formats in the table below.

Symbol Entry Formats

contract class


exchange acronym

contract symbol


exchange acronym


To add a security definition using Request Ticker form

  1. In symbol mode, click the Add Ticker icon on the Trading toolbar.
  2. In the Instrument Type field select Option.
  3. Select the Symbol Type.

If you select

Do this


Enter the contract class symbol, exchange, expiration date and strike price, and select the right.


Enter the exchange local symbol and the exchange.

Note: If you add a market data line for a derivative instrument, TWS will ask if you want the underlying symbol added to the page. If you answer yes, it will be included at the bottom of the page (unless the underlying is already on the page).

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