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Trade Mutual Funds

Choose a fund and trade from the trading window or the Order Ticket.

Note:  Before you can trade funds, you must upgrade your trading permissions in Account Management.


To trade a fund

  1. Add a fund to your trading window:
    1. In Classic mode, from the Edit menu select Mutual Fund Selector.
    2. Select a fund family in the left pane, and then choose the fund(s) you want to trade in the right pane. Click OK.

Note:  Data for funds only appears in the Last or Close price fields. Mutual funds are accumulated throughout the day and transmitted to the funds at 15:59 for pricing.

  1. From the trading window, click the Bid field for a sell order and the Ask field for a buy order.

  1. Click “T” to transmit your order.

Note:  Buy orders are entered in dollars. Sell orders can only be entered in shares. Mutual funds can only be submitted as Market orders as they are priced once per day after the market closes.

Important Disclosures