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Classic TWS Edit Menu

Menu Command Description


Cuts the selected ticker.


Copies the selected ticker.


Pastes the last copied or cut ticker as a new row.

Insert Row

Inserts a blank row above the selected row.

Delete Row

Deletes the row you have selected.

Create Group Header

Inserts a non-data row into the page. Enter a title or label to use this row as a separator or label for a group of tickers.

Mutual Fund Selector

Opens the Contract Selection box showing available families of no-load mutual funds.

Mutual Fund Replicator The Mutual Fund Replicator finds an ETF(s) whose performance parallels that of a user-specified mutual fund.

Treasury Bond Selector

Opens the Contract Selection box showing available T-Bonds, Bills and Notes.

Contract Description Detail

Displays the Ticker Description box which contains information about the selected underlying.

Edit Dividend Schedule

Opens the Dividend Editor window.

Global Configuration

Opens the TWS Global Configuration tool which includes the Feature Selector and configuration pages for all TWS elements.

Important Disclosures