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Classic TWS File Menu

Use commands on the File menu to export reports to your PC, save settings and create a basket file. The File menu commands are described in the table below.


Menu Command Description


Allows you to import or export contracts, or export the contents of the quote monitor to Excel or to another quote monitor.

New Window Group Create a new workspace based on a blank frame, the Mosaic, or Classic TWS. Note that only one Classic TWS tab is allowed.
Open Saved Chart

Allows you to select and open a previously saved interactive chart.

Save Settings Locally saves any changes you made to your trading screen layout, defaults, and menu selections.
Save Settings As... Allows you to name your settings file and save it to any directory.

Settings Recovery

Opens the Settings Recovery box, where you can choose to restore your layout from a previous day.


Prints the active page.

Lock Application

Locks the application and requires a password to unlock.

Close Window Shuts down the application and saves settings.


Shuts down the application and saves settings.

Important Disclosures