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Simplified TWS: Help Menu

Menu Command Description

Guides and Documentation >

    Quick Start Guide

Opens the TWS quickstart

    Online Users’ Guide

Opens the complete online help set for TWS.


Opens the suite of tours that focus on specific TWS tools and features.

    Algo Documentation Center

Displays information on our automated algos including ScaleTrader and Accumulate/Distribute.

    Release Notes

Opens the TWS Release Notes page.

Show Help

Opens TWS Javahelp.

Customer Service >

    Customer Service Info

Displays the Customer Service information web page.

    Customer Service Chat

Connects you to the live chat accessed from within Account Management.

    Open Message Center

Opens the customer service message center within Account Management.

Features Poll

Use the Features Poll to suggest new features and to vote on suggestions made by other Interactive Brokers customers.

Traders’ Chat

Brings up the login for Traders’ Chat. To create a chat account, log into Account Management and select the User Management menu, then Voting Subscription.

Status Monitors >
Data Connections Displays the connection status of all Market Data Connections.
IB Systems Opens Interactive Brokers's System Status page with current issues and availability.
Bulletins Shows the system bulletin board with recent messages.

Show Hotkey Popup

Displays a key to the current hotkeys set up in TWS.

Report Problem Allows you to send a problem message to our development team.
Show Tip of the Day Hide or show the Tip of the Day. When checked the tip will also display at login.

About Trader Workstation

Display TWS version and other information.

Important Disclosures