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The Portfolio

The Mosaic Portfolio window, which is included in the grouping of Monitor Panel tabs along with the Mosaic Market Scanners and the Watchlists, provides key account information.

Note:  The Portfolio window is a "source" for windows grouping, which means that when you select an asset all linked windows will display that asset.


To open the Portfolio for the first time

1.  From the Monitor panel, click "+" sign to add a new page.

2.  From the drop down list, select Portfolio.

Note:  Once you add the Portfolio to your Monitor list, it will be available as a tab. If you can't see it displayed along the top of the Monitor panel, scroll through tabs using the left and right arrow icons to view all available tabs.

Use Continuous Sort in Your Portfolio

You can elect to sort your Portfolio by continuous or one-time sort by right-clicking a column in your portfolio and making a selection.

Continuous Sort automatically keeps the sort up-to-date when changes occur in your portfolio.

Portfolio columns that support Continuous Sort are:



Important Disclosures