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Portfolio Performance Profile

This what-if feature allows you to toggle the Mosaic Portfolio window into "what-if" mode and add or remove hypothetical positions to and from your existing portfolio to see how these changes will affect key portfolio metrics, including P&L, Delta and the Greeks and Value at Risk. If you like the performance results from the hypothetical adding or removing of any positions, you can create and submit real orders to add these positions to your actual portfolio.

To open the Performance Portfolio Profile

1.  From the Monitor panel of the Mosaic, navigate to or open the Portfolio page.

2.  Click the Profile button at the top of the page to put the Portfolio into "what-if" mode.

To use the Performance Portfolio Profile

Use this what-if tool to hypothetically remove positions from your existing portfolio, add new positions, or change the position quantity and see how key performance metrics are affected.

To hypothetically remove positions

To hypothetically add new positions

1.  Click the "Add Test Trade" button.

2.  Add the contract like you're adding it to any TWS window.

3.  Set the side and quantity. The hypothetical position is now established.

To add hypothetical positions to your actual portfolio

1.  Click Create Orders under the Test Trades section. All of your test trades are set up as actual live orders.

2.  Discard any orders that you don't want to transmit.

3.  Modify order parameters for remaining orders.

4.  Click Submit.


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