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Attach a Beta Hedge Order

Attach a Beta Hedge order to hedge a stock order with an ETF.


To attach a beta hedge order

  1. Create a buy or sell stock order.
  2. Right-click in the order line, and select Attach, then select Beta Hedge.
  3. Click the Attributes box in the Status field to show the hedge attributes on the inline editor.


  4. Enter a hedging contract, generally an ETF. The system beta of the stock relative to the selected ETF is calculated and displayed next to the hedging contract.
  5. Hold your mouse over the Beta icon to see the calculated estimated quantity of the hedging contract.
  6. If desired, adjust the beta by entering a new value in the User Beta field. The quantity of the child hedge order is recalculated.
  7. Click T to transmit the original order. The attached beta hedge is automatically transmitted.

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