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EFP Futures Spreads

An EFP (Exchange for Physical) is a combination order to sell/buy stock and buy/sell an SSF (single stock future).


To create an EFP in SpreadTrader

  1. From the Trading Tools menu select SpreadTrader.
  2. Enter a symbol in the underlying field and hit Enter.
  3. Select EFPs for xxx and then select the routing destination, either SMART, IBEFP or ONE.

    The spread matrix at the bottom of the window is populated with a list of all single stock futures legs on the left, and the stock across the top.

  4. Click a bid or ask price at the intersection of two legs to create the EFP spread.
  5. To transmit the order, click the "T" in the Status field of the Orders panel.

Note: Please note that smart-routed EFPs are not guaranteed.

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