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Pre-Borrow Returns

The Return/Recall panel displays any returns and recall requests (you must be logged in), and allows you to send return requests.

Once you borrow shares, you can return them using the Return order function, or the lender can recall the shares at any time. When borrowed shares are recalled, they are removed from your account, you are notified in the Return/Recall panel of TWS, and the recall will show up in the Borrow Activity section of your Activity Statement.

Please note that if you have borrowed to cover a short position and then purchase the shares and no longer need to maintain the borrow position, the borrowed shares are not automatically returned; you must return the shares. Returns cannot be made the same day (you can return the next day), and must be entered by 10:50 am.

To view the Return/Recall panel, click the Show Return/Recall Requests icon on the right-hand tab of the trading page.


To return borrowed shares

  1. Right-click the ticker and select Trade then select Return Shares.

  2. Confirm the order parameters and transmit the order by clicking the ‘T’ in the Status field.

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