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Using The Orders Panel

The Orders panel is where you actively manage orders.


Note: The relationship between parent/child orders is shown via the Key field in the Tickets, Orders and Trades panels . Every new child order is numbered sequentially and colored to indicate its relationship to the original order.

You can modify the following parameters for a child order:

You must set the TIF for a child order equal to or shorter than that of the parent. Otherwise, the TIF of the parent order will override that of the child order.

To transmit an order

  1. Modify order parameters by clicking in the appropriate field and selecting or entering a new value.

    Use the price or size “wand” to set a parameter by clicking and holding the mouse button in a field.

  2. Click the “T” in the red Status field to transmit the order.

To cancel an order

Note: To create a new order, right-click the original ticket in the Tickets panel.

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