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What is an Away Destination?

For order management purposes, the Blotter allows you to manually create “Away” destinations and to manually report trades executed away from IB. This data will be reflected in the order status fields and the Trade reports.


To create an Away destination

  1. From an order in the Orders panel, click the Destination field dropdown.
  2. Choose Add/Edit destination at the bottom of the list.
  3. In the Away Destinations box, enter the title that will display in the Destination list, and the Exchange/Destination to which the order will be sent.
  4. Click OK. The new destination now appears in the dropdown list and is the selected destination for the current order.


The order quantity transmitted to your away exchange is reflected in the order status columns of the Tickets panel. In the example above, a quantity of 12 was routed to the best ex away exchange. The status reflects 12 routed, 25 still left, and 12 working.

Note:  It is important to note that orders “transmitted” to your away destinations are not handled by IB. An away destination is simply an order-management tool that allows a place-holder within the Blotter for orders you will manage away from IB.

Add “Away Trade” Data to Blotter

To help manage your orders, the Blotter allows you to manually include trade data from orders filled away from IB.


To report away trades

  1. Highlight the Away trade order line in the Orders panel. Note that you will only see the Report Trade command if you are on an Away trade order line.
  2. From the right-click menu, select Report Trade.
  3. In the Report Trade box, enter the quantity, price, destination, exchange and time of execution. This information will be used by the Blotter to display trade data.
  4. Click Accept. The information you specified is now incorporated into both the Order Status data in the Tickets panel and the execution data in the Trades panel.

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