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Transmit orders instantaneously from a chart using the armed Hot Buttons, or create an order from the buttons panel and modify it on the Orders tab.



To create an order in ChartTrader
  1. Click the blue Buy button to create a buy order, or the Red sell button to create a sell order. The cursor becomes a dotted line.
  2. Move your cursor into the chart and position the dotted line at the order price you want. Note that your exact price position is highlighted along the price axis.
  3. Click to create an order. The order is displayed in the Quote panel, and can be modified. If the order was not transmitted instantaneously, you must transmit the order.

Orders are transmitted instantaneously when an asterisk(*) appears next to the button title, or when you activate the cursor using the armed Hot Buttons.

Orders that you create using ChartTrader also display on the Trading page that displays the contract data. Trading pages that hold an order display the page title in red.

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