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Add a Quote Monitor

There is no limit to the number of Quote Monitors you can create in TWS. You can enter as many lines of market data as you want, but at any one time you will only be able to see 100 active market data lines at a time. . Use the Quote Monitors to sort your assets by instrument type, exchange, or your own trading system categories. You can navigate through the tabbed pages without the mouse by using the Ctrl key along with the Page Up and Page Down keys.


You can also use a page-level feature called Quick Stock Entry, which will automatically complete a market data line for a stock using the set of order destinations you set up.

To add a Portfolio Page

You can create a system-maintained Quote Monitor that includes a data line for each position in your portfolio. Use the right-click menu from the “+” sign and select Portfolio Window. The portfolio page can only be created once.

This creates a page with the same positions that are displayed in the Portfolio section of the Account window. Each time you take a position, the Portfolio page is automatically updated to include market data for the new position. When you zero out a position, the market data line remains on your Portfolio page. You can remove zero position tickers from this and other pages using the right-click menu on a page and selecting Clear Zero Position Rows.

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