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Enable Quick Stock Entry

Quick Stock Entry is a page-level feature which automatically completes a market data line for a stock based on the underlying symbol you enter. When enabled, you simply enter the stock symbol, and TWS completes the ticker line.

If you enable multiple exchanges, you will get a ticker line for all exchanges on which the symbol trades. For example, I activate NYSE, SMART/NYSE, ISLAND, and TSE. When I enter the ticker "MMM" I get four ticker lines, where MMM represents 3M on all but TSE, where it represents Minco Gold Corp.


Before you can use the Quick Stock Entry feature, you must:


To enable Quick Stock Entry

When you enable Quick Stock Entry for a page, the system assumes that you want to enter ONLY stock tickers on this page, and automatically completes a market data line with the appropriate order destination.

  1. Open the page you want to enable for Quick Stock Entry.

Note:  We recommend that you identify the page as being enabled for Quick Stock Entry by naming it appropriately.

  1. Right- click in the area of the page tab and select Settings.
  2. In the Page Settings dialog box, select Quick Stock/Bond Entry.
  3. Click the Quick Stock Entry Exchanges button to add recognized exchanges for quick stock entry support.

To add Quick Stock Entry Exchanges

  1. On the Edit menu, select Global Configuration.
  2. In the left pane, select Quick Stock/Bond Entry Exchanges.
  3. Click Add. 
  4. Enter a destination, for example ISLAND, and click OK.
  5. Add as many order destinations as you would like to have available. You can add more destinations at any time.

Note: To add SMART, you must also define the primary exchange, for example NYSE, or ISLAND (for NASDAQ stocks).

You can also use the syntax symbol|exchange to enter a stock ticker.

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