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Transfer Login Authentication

Traders using TWS can pass off their login authentication to their mobileTWS device to allow them to trade on mobileTWS without going through the login process.

mobileTWS for iPhone, iPad and Android supports Read-Only Access, which allows mobileTWS users to view their IB account without logging in. Before trading access is granted the user will be required to complete the full account login on their mobile device.

If you are working at your desktop TWS and need to leave the office, you can transfer your account authentication over to mobileTWS, which saves you the effort of opening and logging into mobileTWS.

To transfer login authentication from TWS to mobileTWS

1.  While logged into TWS, tap the mobileTWS icon on your mobile device.

2.  In mobileTWS, at the message stating that another session exists, tap "OK."

3.  In TWS, click Transfer Authentication to Mobile Device in the Mobile Login Handoff dialog.

Note:  To keep your TWS desktop session logged in, click Disconnect Mobile Device.

You can now trade via mobileTWS.

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